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Barawa on Non-meditation

08 Dec 2010 8:23 PM | Lama Daniela Coriat (Administrator)
Without letting the mind project or concentrate,
Place it in ordinary naturalness.
Since there is neither the act of placing nor something to be placed,
Recognize the natural face of this placer.

That which recognizes is itself also just a concept,
So be free from fixating on that concept.
To meditate without being free from concept,
Is the great darkness that obscures that state beyond concept.

By training again and again in a meditation from concept,
There is a danger of conceptlessness turning into a concept.
So without cultivating even a nonconceptual state,
Be free from fabricating concepts.

Although you may be free from conceptual meditation,
You still need to grow accustomed to the nature of nonmeditation.
So it is essential to keep training constantly at all times,
Without abandoning true undistracted mindfulness.

When distracted you don't realize the natural state.
When meditating you stray intro the concept or the particular meditation.
So train yourself in the true path,
The undistracted and unmeditated continuity of freshness.

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