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Dzogchen West offers free, donation-based, guided Online Meditation Groups. Affectionately abbreviated as OMG (online meditation group).

To find out when the next OMG will be click here.

In case you need help figuring out the simple technology to participate, here's a guide:

1. What You Need:

A computer (desktop or laptop), tablet or smartphone - or even a plain old telephone;

2.   Getting Ready to connect online:

If using a tablet or smartphone:

a) download the free Zoom app from: Apple App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store.

b) if you'd like, you may test your connection ahead of time by clicking here:  (or enter that link into the browser on your device)

 If using a computer or laptop:

a) you will definitely need speakers (built-in or external) or a headphone, so that you can hear the session;

      b) Optionally but useful and usual for online sessions, you will need:

i) microphone (built-in or external) if you want to ask questions;

      ii) webcam if you want others to be able to see you.

c) you may test your connection ahead of time, by clicking here:

c) The very first time you join using a computer, it may ask to automatically download a small app. 

Say yes to this, and you should arrive in the meeting “room” a few moments later. 

Don’t forget to breathe, relax and smile!

or If you plan to use a plain old telephone:

Just follow the dial-in instructions below. Nothing else to do, figure out or achieve.

3.    Connecting for the session:

a) Find a comfortable place to breathe, relax and enjoy the session.

b) The online meditation "room" connection will be open 15 minutes ahead of each session. This is a good time to chat with others early to arrive.

If using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer:

simply click here:

or paste the above address into your browser

Alternatively if using a plain old phone, just dial:

United States: +1 (669) 900-6833

and when asked, enter access code: 280-955-590

and the password 108108

If you are asked for a Participant number, just press # to ignore

c) Once you arrive, you should be able (at a minimum) to hear others. 

d) Please get familiar with muting and un-muting your microphone so that the session is not interrupted by your ambient room noise. You'll want to un-mute your device if you have a question during the Q&A. Due to inevitable lag with online connections, any group chanting should be done with your microphone muted.

To toggle mute on or off on a plain old telephone, dial *6. To "raise your hand", dial *9.

 If you run into any problems and are on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone app, ask for help via the Chat window.

All sessions will start at the appointed time.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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