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  • 26 Jan 2019
  • 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 1430 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • 20


  • Suggested Donation
  • Normal Donation
  • Reduced Donation
  • Special rate for full-time students only. Must present current Student ID at the door

There is a sliding scale: please give what you can, in support of the venue, the day and the group, by choosing the appropriate level at which to register.


NATURAL AWARENESS: The Power of Presence


with Lama Daniela and Lama Christopher

We don't have to believe everything we think. Often we live entangled in our ideas about ourselves and each other. We simply don’t recognize the deeper dimension of being. Introduction to the nature of mind, a glimpse of our basic goodness and completeness, is a doorway to awakening and guides us to the very heart of the Dzogchen tradition of natural meditation.  Waking up to this innate freedom of being allows us to expand beyond our conceptual limitations, reaching into life with a wakefulness full of love and wisdom. 

The retreat will include user-friendly teachings, guided meditations and lively Q&A sessions with the Lamas. This event is appropriate for spiritual exploration at any level of experience.

The day will be held at InsightLA’s Olympic Blvd (Santa Monica) Location. Details will be provided in your email confirmation upon registration. Dzogchen West appreciates InsightLA for their kindness in making the venue available to us for this event, and a share of the proceeds from the day goes to InsightLA in gratitude.

Lama Daniela and Lama Christopher are both Lineage Holders in the Dzogchen (Natural Great Fulfillment) tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. For twenty years, they have each practiced and studied intensively under the guidance of their root teacher, Lama Surya Das, as well as other accomplished masters, Himalayan and Western. Besides completing numerous extended silent meditation retreats, they have been teaching for more than ten years and were ordained as Lamas in 2015. In addition to their commitment to the authentic and accessible transmission of these timeless wisdom teachings both locally and nationally, they are also both joyful parents and have each enjoyed life-long professional careers.

There is a sliding scale for attendance: please give what you can, in support of the venue, the day and the group, by choosing the appropriate level at which to register. Donating more than the minimum helps Dzogchen West to sustain services and assist others to receive teachings.

Sliding scale: $125 (suggested), $95 (average) or $65 (reduced).

Any portion of your donation in excess of the minimum may be tax-deductible as a charitable contribution (please consult your tax professional). A receipt will be provided showing that no benefit, other than spiritual, was received in respect of that portion.

There are a small number of early registration spaces at a special scholarship rate of $35 for full-time students only, please. They will be asked to present current student ID at the door.

Traditionally it is said that the value of these teachings is beyond measure. There will also be an opportunity on the day to make an additional, tax-deductible offering of Dana (generosity), in support of the Lamas, the lineage and the teachings.

SPACE IS LIMITED for this event generally, so please reserve your space in advance by registering online as soon as possible.

Click here to read, download or print the flyer for this event

For more information, email or call 888-837-7474

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