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Come To Your Senses: Consciousness and Awareness (Three-Day Dzogchen Retreat)

  • 15 Nov 2018
  • 5:00 PM
  • 18 Nov 2018
  • 4:00 PM
  • San Marcos, CA


Rates are per person: in a private or shared room with private bathroom, with three vegetarian meals per day (Thurs dinner through Sun lunch)
Registration is closed

Exploring Consciousness and Awareness


with Lama Daniela and Lama Christopher

Thursday evening, November 15th to Sunday afternoon, November 18th
in San Marcos, CA

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Dzogchen - Natural Great Completeness - is the expansive heart-essence teaching and practice that reveals the inherent wisdom and goodness within us all. This consummate spiritual approach has been passed down in an unbroken lineage from the Himalayas for 1,400+ years.

The retreat will introduce and deepen the practice of natural meditation, and recognition of the nature of mind, guided by teachers from this direct, centuries-old lineage. There will be teachings on the eight kinds of consciousness, and experiential guidance on differentiating ordinary consciousness from primordial Awareness.

Accessible to all, regardless of religion (or none), Dzogchen introduces us to the birthright we all share: the innate freedom of being. Ever-present, yet often momentarily obscured by our habitual patterns of reactivity, this spacious wisdom-awareness is effortlessly revealed. Retreat is a rare and precious opportunity to experientially explore our inmost goodness and freedom, in a contemplative environment, among kindred spirits.

Gentle, noble silence is observed outside the teaching hall, in order to deepen our experience. Through this gift of tranquility we offer each other a unique respite from our usual busyness and over-stimulation, and allow refuge and relaxation to unfurl effortlessly. The lovely surroundings are also conducive to simplicity, slowing down and a newfound sense of spirituality. We retreat temporarily from our worldly routines and concerns, allowing us to renew and recharge our hearts in a way that is both inspired and invigorated. 

The Lamas will teach each day and offer lively Q&A sessions in the hall, as well as optional private interviews for one-to-one advice on meditation practice. Retreat will also include guided and silent meditation sessions, heart-opening chanting, and outdoor sky/space meditation; as well as gentle breath-body awareness-yoga each morning and plenty of free time for personal practice. All sessions are optional. 

For twenty years, Lama Daniela and Lama Christopher have each practiced and studied intensively under the guidance of their root teacher, Lama Surya Das, as well as other accomplished masters, Himalayan and Western. Besides completing numerous extended silent retreats, they have been teaching for more than ten years and were ordained as Lamas in 2015. They are thirty-ninth in direct succession to this Dzogchen lineage spanning fourteen centuries. In addition to their commitment to the authentic and accessible transmission of these timeless wisdom teachings here in the West, they are also both joyful parents and have each enjoyed life-long professional careers.

The retreat will be held at a beautiful retreat center in San Marcos, CA. The hall and all guest rooms enjoy airconditioning and heating. Rooms will be assigned in order of payment, so early registration is encouraged. The center is set on 655 acres, all of which are a non-smoking, alcohol-free and drug-free environment. There are numerous walking trails to enjoy.

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  • Registration fee of $588 (early bird $490) per person includes accommodation and three vegetarian meals each day for this retreat (dinner Thursday evening through lunch on Sunday).

  • Accommodation is in either a private or a double room (you may choose, on a space-available basis). All rooms have private bathrooms.

  • Registration does not include an offering for the Lamas, which will be accepted in the traditional form of Dana (voluntary donation) in honor of the teachings at the end of retreat. Further details will be provided then.

  • Voluntary donations may be tax deductible.

  • See here for payment and refund policy.

SPACE IS LIMITED, so please reserve your space by registering securely online.

Secure online registration

For more information, email or call 888-837-7474


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