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Dzogchen Teaching, Guided Meditation, Q&A with Lama Christopher & Lama Daniela at Encinitas Mindfulness Community

  • 13 Aug 2016
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • 1045 Dewitt Avenue, Encinitas, California, 92024

Natural Meditation, Natural Liberation
Dzogchen Teaching, Guided Meditation and Q&A
at Encinitas Mindfulness Community
with Lama Christopher & Lama Daniela

Dzogchen (Natural Great Completeness) invites us to enter into the natural great peace and liberation available to us in every moment. Meeting our experience with awareness and acceptance, we open to seeing through eyes of wisdom and love, rather than through the clouded lenses of our conditioning and habit patterns. With our hearts wide open, the very raw material of our lives is a wellspring of spaciousness and freedom—--and we are upheld, effortlessly.

Dzogchen is the consummate teaching of the Tibetan tradition, the vastly expansive heart-essence transmission of natural awareness. Drawing on an unbroken lineage over twelve centuries and more, a variety of supportive and accessible practices are embraced, allowing us to recognize our true nature.

Lama Daniela and Lama Christopher are both Lineage Holders in the Dzogchen (Natural Great Completeness) tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. For 20 years, they have studied and practiced intensively under the guidance of their root teacher, Lama Surya Das, as well as other accomplished masters, Himalayan and Western.  In addition to their commitment to the authentic and accessible transmission of these timeless wisdom teachings both locally and nationally, they are also both joyful parents and have each enjoyed life-long professional careers.

Encinitas Mindfulness Community is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

In the age-old tradition of generosity, there is no charge to attend; however donations of any amount in support of the teachers, the teachings and the group are encouraged and deeply appreciated.

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